Arash feat. Timbuktu Aylar – Dasa Bala

emshab shabe bahalaskaf bezanin eyvalla
tonight is the night of hot peopleclap!bravo

dasa bala endeshekaf bezanin eyvalla
put your hands in the sky!it’s the end of itclapbravo

dasa bala dasa bala googooli
put your hands in the sky!put your hands in the sky!you cute

too halo hoolim hamegi shangoolim
we are so happy and all delight

dasa bala dasa bala hamegi
put your hand in the sky!put your hands in the sky!all of you

too halo hoolim bahale zandegi
we are so happy and the life is cool

emshab mikham in shabo yadetoon nare
tonight I want that you don’t forget this night

volom ta tahe beraghsim vasate shabe lab roo labe
the volum is the max let’s dance it’s the midnight the lips are on the lips

hame jam shodim dore hamim
we are all here around eachother

dasaro bedin bala hamegi kaf bezanin
put your hands in the sky and clap everyone

belarzoonin oon badano eyval
shake that body bravo

oon ghaddo heykal gher bedin emshab
that nicefigure and body you shake it tonight

dametoon garm ke ta sobh inja hastin
it’s cool that you will stay here till morning

mastin rillaxino khoob miraghsin
you are boozy and you dance well

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