Yo Gotti – Momma (The Art Of Hustle Deluxe Album) letras

Yeah, this might be the realest shit I ever wrote
It’s crazy that, nigga all the motherfucking heart I got, everything I’ve been through in the streets
I learned from a woman
That’s right nigga, I know women realer than niggas
I got the game from my momma, aunties, shout out to Janet

[Verse 1:]
Momma, I don’t never want to see you struggle
Tired of seeing me bump heads with my big brother
Momma, that’s big bruh, you ain’t got to worry
We’ll die together, kill together, face a fuckin’ jury
Momma, I’m like a father to my little sister
Gotta make sure she do right, she my baby sister
Momma, I’m just living how you taught a nigga
Said I ain’t raising no pussies, I got one daughter, nigga
I remember them Feds came and got a nigga
Asked me where you at and I wouldn’t talk to niggas
Momma, living room floor with tears in my eyes hearing them say you gon be gone for a long time, Momma

See I’m following your blueprint, you know what I mean
See I grew up in the street with vultures
I learned, what I learned in the house nigga
How ill is that and that’s all facts nigga
Nigga I know women who did 10/15 years cause they stood on what they believe

[Verse 2:]
Shout out my Auntie Janet she a muthafucka
PeeWee did 10 back out and she still hustling
Erica used to write you letters tell you that she love you
Then we used to drive to visit you up in Kentucky
Like we went from being rich that shit was super ugly
Then my Momma got a job, now she selling groceries
Used to have a house in Vegas when we was doing good
And a house behind Elvis now we in the hood
Used to have a Benz now we got a Nissan Sentra
And I can’t get a pair of Jordans that’s fucking with my mental
Im just tryna let you visualize what I done been through
And this shit public record nigga you check my credentials

See nigga, all this shit come from the heart
This pain, this struggle
This is motherfucking time away from my loved ones
When you hear me rapping this shit nigga, this shit like cancer, I’m just letting it out, only way I know how

[Verse 3:]
I switched the family hustle put us back on top
Momma live on 5 acres brother in that drop
Sister she an entrepreneur get her own M’s
Feds still watch the family but we don’t even see em
I ain’t tripping nigga this the art of hustle holmes
I went from flipping dope to buying houses flipping homes
Momma taught me fuck your losses just keep moving on
If you get caught just never snitch one day you coming home
Momma, gave me the game and for Mother’s Day
I spent a million and a half for you on Privé
And you the owner I’m a worker
This shit yours do what you want to you deserve it

See this is a unique story
I was raised by at least 6 women and one male
And that wasn’t even my father nigga, real shit
I ain’t got beef with my pops, no shit like that
Truth be told, nigga our bond come from the game
Nigga I was fronting my daddy bricks
Nigga what kind of shit is that

I grew up around hustlers that turned me to a hustler
Was raised by a woman I watched my Momma hustle
I just want to be a kingpin
Teacher asked me what’s my Momma she a queenpin
And this my family tradition
Im just keeping on my family tradition
We built a legacy
And when I grow up I want to be a kingpin
Teacher asked me what’s my Momma she a queenpin