Rob Markman – ’96 Roc-A-Fella Logo letras

Ya know, we talk about culture
And they try to shun that
It’s more than just music
I’m cut from a cloth
You’re fuckin’ with a marksman

Check one check two since you know what to do
Gotta salute Skyzoo before I give it you
All I ever wanted was a Bad Boy logo
And then came the Roc, that’s when everything stopped
Fascinated by the R, the bottle half-popped
For the record, those pre-Doubt records was kinda hot
Dreams on the yacht where the video was shot
Tuned in 10 o’clock, Funk Flex on the box
Lenny San-tia with the Benz in the lot
Get the picture? Ha This a Kodak opp
And we was on the block, probably out duckin’ cops
Goin’ half on wings and fried rice out the wok
In the crib watching BCAT, really tryna be that
Holmes said its deep and the coke hit his kneecaps
I don’t know, I believed that
Pictures so vivid I could see that
From then it was on, writing all night long
To get the chain and the charm, Jesus hangin’ by the arms
This ghetto gospel, save us with these psalms
The Hymns that we spin, these are more than just songs
Close ya eyes and imagine, a certain type of passion
Room full of execs, Dame Dash spazzin’
Feeling like everything we want, we could have it
This our shit, you just a quarter water bastard
In an Iceberg sweater
Screaming we don’t don’t want deals no more, it’s joint ventures
50/50 splits, the publishing lit
Full of smoke in the whip, Christión with ya chick
Back and forth trips to PA with the clique
Right around the same time they gettin’ at Kiss
We studied and watched, we listened to the LOX
And the L freestyle, we taped off Stretch and Bob
The same one they said that the God got washed
I dunno, I never really saw it as a loss
Gotta ask yourself what do you want more
The hard knock life, or the hard knock life tour?
Crack in the hall or the plaques on the wall
As far as movements that was the illest that I saw
All I ever wanted was a bad Boy Logo
And then came the Roc that’s when everything stopped
All I ever wanted was a bad Boy Logo
And then came the Roc that’s when everything ahhhhhh

[Outro: Dame Dash]
Sony wouldn’t do this, Loud gets its props
RCA don’t take that, Bad Boy gets its props
Arista don’t take that, LaFace gets it’s props

You and Polygraph split 50 percent
Aite, so y’all not partners, you got a quarter
You a quarter water, that’s it