Rejjie Snow – Virgo (feat. Pell) letras

My virgo shorty wilding out
My Grandma love my rapping she’s just so proud
My hood is on my shoulders but I don’t know how
My homies smoking loud and they hold me down
My sisters got a baby and she’s on the way
I hope she calls her Beyoncé a chardonay
My mum be google searching me Iike every day
Like Rejjie hope you crash that stage and make me say (say)

[Bridge] Pell
Ohhh this that fucking shit
Play us round your mama and your baby brother shit
When you shower right before you out in public
Singing way too loud at the neighbours here

We keep our heads way up in the clouds
Them haters talk tell em pipe it down
They’ll show us love when we come around
When we come around, Cause we hold it down