Pennywise – Final Chapters (Nineteen Eighty Eight Album) letras

Outside my window I see trouble
On the faces on the people in the streets below
One gets a feeling discontentment
Why there is anger I don’t know
Or is it always in my mind
Or my vivid imagination
Creating this monster at my side
Hello, hello to who’s ever out there
Can you please give us some more time
Or is this the final chapter
Final chapter of the world
So many times, so many chances
So many roadblocks I see on the way
I think a new start is in order
It’s time to build a new highway
Fight, fight, fight
The end result is that we’ll all
Die, die, die
Generations will wonder
Why, why, why
Why we kissed our ass good
Bye, bye, bye
I’ll see you on the other side
Why there should be so many answers
I’ll see you on the other side