P Money – I Got Bars (Snake 2 EP) letras

I ain’t expecting Corrie
I’ll punch up your jaw like Mollie
I’m a real life heavyweight ’cause I hold more pounds than a shopping trolley
Mad, mad
You think you wanna go?

Yo, I’m tired of your lies, when you talk my eyes lower
You can rush me with a team of beasts next week
You’ll be hearing about the animals I bored like Noah
When I cut up a grass without a mower
You ain’t going in or going out ’cause you ain’t much of a go-er
Punchlines? I’ve got punchlines and punch guys
I could do both, but you ain’t much of a flow-er
Man’s gonna cry bouncing off the bars screaming out Yeboah
Thought you were gone, thought you were so up
Name a place, let’s see if you show up
After I catch you, I’m gonna be in stitches
But it’s you with the wounds A&E will have to sew up
Your wounds will be like your wifey’s long thrush, you’ll see and then (Throw up)
You’ll dash, she’ll (Glow up)
I mean she’ll (Hoe up)
In fact she’ll move on with a next bredda at your funeral, speech and she won’t even go up
Levels, anytime blud, it can go up
How can you grow weed and not grow up
You’re still Twitter beefing, grow up
You’re one of them wannabe Al-Qaeda emcees that terrorise mentions ’til they blow up
You can thank me for raising your views on YouTube, but before this, you couldn’t get your dough up
How dare you think this was your pal, when you don’t talk about me, your retweets and all your likes slow up
But that ain’t gonna happen to me ’cause I ain’t ever had a bad release
I drop bangers and man repeat, you drop clangers and man retreat
I’ve got a song of your’s man retrieved
I can’t lie, you sound backwards B, talking about grime’s dead and how you had to kill it
And plus evolution, but then you came back with rap my G
Explain that one my G
This is why I gotta smack up guys, hospitalise
And pack up guys, I’m not Will, but I am the G
P’s never had blacker eyes
Even on a holy field, I will clap up mics
Every bar I have up minds
I’ve got a young G with diamonds in his chain, looking real ICB
One phone call to him and he will turn up with backup Nines
Write off and smash up signs, you ain’t real
And you ain’t mashing P
You’re broke, you ain’t mashing P
I got a mash and peas that will turn a man to mushy peas
And when I hunt, it’s not catch and release
When a whip goes by and the gun blows, your darg will be eyes closed, mouth open man looking like man tryna catch a breeze
I ain’t planning on bodying your siblings daughter but these leg shots might catch your knees
In jail, real man know me
In jail, you were not cosy on your first night
You covered your pillow in tears and bogey
‘Cause your cellmate was talking a man for a Mick Foley
Keep on saying you can hold these shots, like I won’t go into manager mode and pitch goalies
You’re worrying about who told me
One shot split you like Blittz and Toby
G-code, these breddas can’t decode me
Top producer, are you sure?
When I ran up in the studio, I gave you them beats, you was like "Rah! man Deeco’d me"
I don’t even want no trophy, the same way you don’t want smoke G
Vegan, but I still beef man at my local groceries
I ‘GRM DAILY’ when I post G
When I get your location, I bet you’ll ghost G
Or you’ll be gasping for air when I run up in the yard
And my G Stormzy and it’s ‘Gang Signs and Prayers’
I don’t know anybody that don’t find him weird
No dubs, weren’t saying nothing until mine appear
Gang, gang life, don’t think mine are scared
Man are over-prepared than the Batmobile with bare different buttons on the side of the chair
You could die or get more than your vision impaired
Oh, you wanna play games over there? Cool. Great
‘Til I load up one of my runners with a lot of solid metal for a snake while I over-watch man’s fate
What can I say? The streets are rage
My G’s will catch man slipping after they pree your page
If my team starve, then I starve. If I eat, they eat
Muslim friends will be like ‘Rah! It’s Eid again’
They’re like ‘P, you squash him’
What do you expect when you put me up against Soft Cotton
Honestly, you lot must’ve forgotten
I’ve been involved in the biggest clashes over the last ten years, and look I’m still on ’em
Talking like you’re Dwayne Johnson, but you’re forced to make this move when you’ve hit rock bottom
Smack a man up and I’ll slew, I’m a problem

You had enough?