Oddisee – Waiting Outside (The Iceberg Album) letras

[Verse One]
Been a hot minute we ain’t speak
Been a little while we ain’t fought
Guess you doing better than the last time we met up
When you ran away from feelings getting caught
Why you always got to get a grip
When you ever gonna let it slip
Bottle up your pride never drinking what’s inside
But when you ever gonna sip a thought
Why you always gotta make a split
What you say and how you feel don’t ever fit
Ain’t nobody watching, you can lay away the caution
This the perfect opportunity to vent
Say it while we’re sitting in the dark
You don’t need nobody else to talk
Talking to myself and my brain spoke back
When you finish trying to block

I’ll be waiting on you
On the outside
After last call (repeated)

[Verse Two]
Chat with I, myself and me
I never stop to asked what helping needs
It works for me and I don’t work at it
Like some type of service to curve a habit
Don’t believe in magic shirts and sleeves
Rabbits and such as luck would have it
I am one of many to converse the tragic
And pride myself in the worst of me
That’s a vital part in the art of blackness
We don’t get depressed we compress the sadness
Feeling anyway about a day’s a privilege
Conversing to the Doc to get expensive answers
Never visible but I could fill a room
With people of the sun who run away from feeling gloom
Anger is an illness that I’m tired of containing
That’s why my mind’s saying

I’ll be waiting on you
On the outside
After last call (Repeated)