Lady Gaga Fans Can’t Handle Her Viral Dentist Doppelgänger

A Brazilian dentist has accidentally gone viral thanks to her uncanny resemblance to Lady Gaga.

As first noted by Pop Crave, the buzz surrounding the star’s latest doppelgänger began this past weekend after Little Monsters stumbled upon the unassuming dentist in a video uploaded by YouTuber Jaya Dutra.

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In the August vlog, Dutra documented her trip to the orthodontist to get what appears to be a set of clear braces. However, it was the dentist herself that ended up turning heads because of her striking similarity to Gaga. And once her fans took note, it didn’t take long for the comments to start rolling in.

From references to her song “Teeth” to quips about the artist’s many hidden talents, everyone seemed to have something to say about Gaga’s newfound profession, with some even comparing the dentist to other infamous lookalikes.


— julia (@hausofjuuliaa) November 28, 2020

“Show me your teeth” – Lady Gaga

— The Haus News (@thehausnews) November 28, 2020

“She’s so amazing and versatile,” as one fan wrote, before another added, “Lady Gaga. Dentist during the day and Taxi Driver by night.”

shes so amazing and versatile

— lucas (@luquinhasdat20) November 29, 2020

Lady Gaga. Dentist during the day and Taxi Driver by night.

— The Haus News (@thehausnews) November 28, 2020

Meanwhile, others used it as an opportunity to joke about Gaga “doing anything to avoid” promoting her last studio album, Chromatica.

Gaga doing anything to avoid Chromatica

— Joey Monda (@joeymonda) November 30, 2020

Lady Gaga becoming a dentist to avoid promoting Chromatica (2020)

— Gaga Doing Things (@LGDoingThings) November 28, 2020

Granted, the identity of the dentist has yet to be revealed. That said, in the meantime, you can see Dutra’s entire video featuring everyone’s favorite new dentist, below.

Photos via Getty & Youtube / @JayaDutra

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