Jonwayne – City Lights (Rap Album Two Album) letras

I see my past highlighted by my city lights
I take the alleyways, grabbing on this battered mic
The dark shedded light
My peers after mine
I’m just hoping that they also love the afterlife
Either that or whatever is creeping after life
See, I’m a man tonight
I see these boys looking joyful with their toys
While I’m grabbing on my Samsonite
The smell of leather lingers
As I watch these calendars slip through my fingers
I don’t wanna meet my maker, just make my meters
And keep them burning
And every day I have I hope they keep me learning
Reading these books, getting lost, feel at home like the search is my cause
And the music is my God speaking sermon after sermon
I see them all saluting, thank me for my service, I did it for me
But it keeps me going on and you can see what I see
Know an adolescent out there wanna be what I be
There’s a price to a young’un
You most likely don’t invite the kind of vices we brung in
Be it poison of the body or the kind you can’t see cause it’s creeping up behind
And if they don’t have footing they can slip right in their mind
Torn apart by anxiety and ripples of ill
See I’m seeing it still
And I struggle with the deep-end
Drowning in my thoughts but my body’s breathing ’cause my nephew’s still teething and I’d like to see him frequent
Dusting cobwebs on my way to speak to Jesus
That’s who we pray to when our young mind was feening for a reason to the season
But the wind is blowing harsh tonight
Do I even need to tell you that it’s raining?
Or can you feel it?
‘Cause I can feel it

It might as well be the blood of the Earth
And if it is then it’s flooded my entity
These rivers got me caught between infinities
I feel the cold dirt cover every inch of me
Open my mouth and these demons are creeping into me
My lungs are full of sin
It felt better when I had this belly full of gin
It felt better when I couldn’t wait for life to end
We had our moments, G
We never speak about the time we saw the end of things
We had a dryer in our hands and we missed the tub
I’m thankful every day
I thank our family who kept us going every way
Before the scene they helped me blossom to this fiend
I can taste the first sweat on my lips
To the time I had the first girl’s head in my grip
Wasn’t calling out the father
Thinking I’m a man, I’m a man
Little did you know that was never part of the plan
You ain’t a man till you traveled through these sands in the hourglass
So listen close I need to tell you something deep