Jillette Johnson – Like You Raised Me (All I Ever See In You Is Me Album) letras

[Verse 1]
If I ever had to worry, I could worry out loud to you
Let you put a fishnet under my feet
I know the way you like to be a shoulder
As I get older, I smack my lips and suck on my teeth
Don’t you see that you and me

[Chorus 1]
Scares me half to death
I hope to be half that lady

[Verse 2]
He never laid a finger on me, worst he ever did was scream
So I screamed right back then I toyed with his head
Hurt him worse than I could understand
And I caught you crying
You said "I deserve to be swept off my feet"
Do you remember 23?

[Chorus 2]
Scared you half to death
I hope to be half as lucky

To find somebody and makes me happy
And gives his children everything
And maybe in the end, lie on a beach somewhere sunny

[Verse 3]
If you ever had to worry, you could worry out loud to me
Don’t wanna go there, yeah don’t get dark
It’s just a joke, don’t fall apart already
It’s only your family
You’re killing yourself, yeah everything’s fine
I’m sure we’ll have a glowing time

[Chorus 3]
Nothing but the best
What did I expect?
I’m gonna be just as crazy
Like you raised me