Dorian Electra’s Pride Shirt Tackles the Complexities of Branded Activism

At first glance, you may be a little confused by some of the featured logos on Dorian Electra‘s new Pride shirt, but diehard stans of the pop star know that it’s the perfect example of their concept-driven (and somewhat bleak) sense of humor.

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A multi-layered critique of seasonal “activism” and virtue signaling brands who’ve realized that they can capitalize on social movements to sell product, Dorian also incorporates a self-aware spin by adding their own name to the line-up, thereby admitting to the inevitable fact that artists are theoretical brands and corporations as well.

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That said, while Dorian’s new shirt may acknowledge that the revolution will be monetized, their decision to directly donate all of the proceeds to the Los Angeles LGBT Center is an action that demonstrates an earnest desire for tangible change within their own community and, frankly, we need more like it. So grab your shirt via their BigCartel and learn more about the LA LGBT Center, here.

Photo courtesy of Dorian Electra

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