Don Q – Thank God (Corner Stories Reloaded Album) letras

I just wanna thank god
Through the good and the bad
Come take a look at my past
I couldn’t have passed with all these crooks in my class
Gotta roll with the punches
Talking hooks and the jabs
I couldn’t be last
Road to riches
My foot on the gas
They making more statements
Once you in the law station
My thoughts tainted
I could feel them at the door waiting
This a cold day in hell
If I run across Satan
Got me praying to the lord
With my diamond cross hanging
Get killed for a short payment
These niggas reckless and devious
Clear the scene
Post up your body and make a meme of it
I dreamed about success
And I made a couple promises
Get the bag and never look back
That shit was obvious
You stay, they say you dumb
Leave out, they say you hiding
50 left Queens
Stacks stayed, and they bodied him
Mace left Harlem
Al stayed and they bodied him
Niggas getting Shmurders but look what they did to Bob and them
I speak to Rowdy time to time
He in good spirits
We got a classic for y’all
Wait until the hood hear it
I couldn’t steer it
I’m watching my man cook up a hard piece
I’m taking notes
Tryna steal his whip, like a car thief
You frauds sweet
Keep your advice
I’ll never use it
My homie said
He just wanna aim at your head and shoot it
He waiting for the word
I’m bout to just tell him do it
I ain’t petty
I’ll make sure the caste get theraputed
‘Cause opportunity didn’t knock
I picked the lock
Tornado gun
I could spin your block
When I spin your block
I sell chicken in Hell’s Kitchen
It’s well written
You either gon’ be a dead victim or jail sentence
Shells spitting
Fuck rain, I let hail hit ’em
He survive
Treat him like a dog
If he tell clip him
The shit that I’m rhyming is deep
You see how I vibe to the beat
When Pop died, I was weak
For nights that I cried in my sleep
There was thoughts in my head
Like damn homie how could this be?
Went from starter on the team
Now you just outta the league
Damn, and now you just outta the league
And just for you I keep a trophy
The rock on the sleeve