Doe Boy – Letter To Future letras

(I be on the phone with Dope Boy telling him go hard). I be on the road with Future and I’m seeing that shit, I turned to this nigga and telling him how he inspired me to go hard, real talk

My savages, my savages, my savages
I swear I gotta make it with this rapping shit
Cause I be in a ruthless ass environment
They send me down the road, I’ll tell you how the time went
Thugging on these orders how my day was spent
Might stomp a nigga out, that’s how my day would get
I wake up everyday like this ain’t fair nigga
I’m watching Future on TV, I should be there with him

[Verse 1]
Damn I miss the team, damn I miss the lean
I swear I wake up everyday, I wish it was a dream
And you think everything cool but that’s just how it seems
I check the mailings every day just for some shit to read
But ain’t no letters from my dogs so I’m thinking they forgot about me
And I swear all these hoes forgot about me
Why the fuck you think they not around me
But I got love for all my savages still in the county
Yeah I got love but it ain’t like love I got for Taylor though
She held me down when I was gone so she get anything she want
All these niggas screaming free me but’ll never free me though
Can put some money on my (?) but they ain’t tryna feed me though
Even though this shit was painful, swear I don’t regret it
Shit can make you hard, break you only if you let it
I just wanted back my life, that’s why I started stressing
But I know God just taught a lesson, better count them blessings
I had 7 felonies, the 12 was looking for me
Almost made it till the police came and took it from me
And I got niggas doing life, the police took ’em from me
And I salute to everybody that’s out here pushing for me
And it’s love from my gang why I made through, ohh

[Interlude: Future]
Cleveland, Ohio niggas stand up, stand behind ’em. It’s the one gon’ take it all the way home, I promise, know what I’m saying. Doe Boy, Future Hendrix, Super Future, Fire Marshall Future, Freebandz Gang forever, la familia

[Verse 2]
Came home and said fuck niggas
I ain’t faking like I trust niggas
Gang gang it’s how I’m with us so you don’t
No I ain’t gonna tolerate both
And there’ll nigga that’ll hope
They ain’t help when I was broke
(?) doing shows
They got less, not more
Now I can jump in the Ghost
Now I fuck rap nigga’s hoes
I stay on the road running up (?) shows
I’m pouring up fours, yeah-yeah
Robbery and a shooter
Wasn’t hard for ’em to prove it
Gunpowder on my hands
Couldn’t say I ain’t do it
Couldn’t say I ain’t do it
I’ll admit I was stupid
It was over and I knew it
But I knew I’d get through it
Know you’ll never meet another, not another rapper like me
Went down the road three years, went to jail wasn’t savage like me
Smashing niggas like me, I really ain’t with that pretending
Niggas rapping but I live it
Niggas (?) get it
4 years with the sinners, I promise I ain’t got shit to hide
Put that on the squad
He slipped so he had to get robbed
He better be glad he alive

My savages, my savages, my savages
And I will shoot you in your face, ay fuck this rapping shit

[Outro: Future]
Yeah, yeah this is Future, Future Hendrix. Shoutout to Dope Beezy, it’s your time nigga. Your time to shine, to take it all the way. A boss in the cell nigga, a boss in the streets, it’s nothing it’s simple. (FreeBandz)