Aesop Rock – Lotta Years (Live From The Hill) letras

[Verse 1]
The kid that work down at the local Baskin-Robbins
Got a tattoo of a lipstick print attached above his collar
I watched him relocating pistachio to a waffle
Thinking I had lost the plot if not the passion for the novel
He asked me what I wanted, I ordered something daft
He said he liked the tattoo Alex drew me of the bats
I like it too but modestly confess
In present company, my coloring is not the main event
Look at that neck
The message is immediate, the guy F’s chicks
I spent a lot of years making friends with cool artists
So when they drew me tattoos I could truly feel important
Now some 22 year old inside a cube of brick and mortar
Got me questioning my morals and their corny pecking order
I should give a shit less

Lotta years
Uh, lotta years

[Verse 2]
The girl that work down at the local juice place
Got a head full of dreadlocks down to her waist
I watched her add the spinach to the ginger to the grapes
My hair was underwhelming, my juice was fucking great
Some lady orders Maca, compliments the locks
She asked how many years it took the girl to grow the crop
"It took a lot of years and then eventually I cut ’em, kept ’em
Reattach ’em anytime I want ’em"
My mind’s fucking blown
The future is amazing, I feel so fucking old
I bet you clone your pets and ride a hover-board to work
I used a folding map to find the juice place in the first
These kids are running wild, I’m still recovering from church
You should have seen me in the 90s, I could ollie up a curb
You should have seen me in the 80s
I was bumping New Edition, dragging acne into Hades

Lotta years
Naw mean? Lotta years